Q & A for Cocktails on the Roof

We’ve been getting a few questions about our Cocktails on the Roof event, so, to keep our positive buzz going we’d thought we’d attack them head on.

1. Will there be enough food for this to be dinner? With over a dozen restaurants, and about a half dozen specialty food vendors, we should be able to keep both your plate and glass full.

2. What should we wear? As this is a premier cocktail event, cocktail attire of course! But please dress comfortably because we want you, our guests, to be comfortable! (For volunteers and vendors: We want you to be comfortable too, just keep in mind that this is a school district fundraiser and dress appropriately.)

3. Can we keep going past 11pm? Sure, if you want to help clean up! Honestly, we think three hours of drinking, eating, dancing and visiting is plenty. But if you want to continue having fun please visit any participating vendors’ brick and mortar places that will be open past 11pm!

4. Where do we park? You can park in all of the levels of the Macy parking garage and take the elevator closest to Macy’s up to the party. Note: You can also leave a car overnight at the Macy’s lot and retrieve after 9am the next morning.

5. Can you get tickets at the door with cash, check or credit card? Yes, but the price raises to $105 per person. If we are sold out prior to the event we will make an announcement on social media. We would suggest that you get your tickets online now.

6. Should I download Uber before I come? Yes!  Not to mention the Hyatt is just a block away.

7. How big is the mini martini glass we will be given for tasting? Three – refillable – ounces so hold onto your personal keepsake glass! Some participants give their own cups but please – pace yourself!

8. Tell us about the WiSH organization, the beneficiary of the money raised? The WiSH Education Foundation exists to support the 23,000 students in the Wm. S. Hart School District. WiSH benefits students in Science, Technology, the arts and other areas that enhance academic and career success. WiSH is RAISING THE BAR FOR OUR KIDS!

9. Will I get enough to drink? With bartenders from a dozen restaurants and about 10 spirit vendors, there will be more than enough. Please drink responsibly by pouring out drinks you don’t care for. Also be mindful if you are not used to drinking different kinds of liquor. We also will have lounge seating, plenty of water and a coffee vendor.

10. It looks like your vendor spots are all filled, nearly ten more than we had planned at the last event, are there sponsorship possibilities for those businesses that want to be included in the buzz? Okay, we made up that last question but it’s a good one. Our event is made possible by ticket sales, but is majorly assisted by our generous sponsors. Our entry level sponsor, at only a $1,000 contribution, still gets advertising, social networking, signage and tickets!

Still have questions? Email: WiSH@hartdistrict.org