About WiSH


What is WiSH’s primary goal?

To benefit as many of the 23,000 students in the district with every dollar we give. Towards that end, we fund “WiSHlists” that come directly from school staff and administration throughout our district so money directly benefits students in the classroom.

What is our mission?

WiSH’s mission is to fund programs and initiatives not funded by tax dollars alone, bridging the gap between state funding and current need.

WiSH has funded programs in every single school in our district!

Supported programs include Literacy, STEM equipment and supplies, Career Technical Education equipment, Special Education, School Groups, Performing Arts, Athletics Programs and more. We strongly believe that great schools in our neighborhoods benefit every resident, not just families with current students – as great schools go hand in hand with great property values.

Individual memberships at various levels enable your family to directly support our local schools and students! 100% of programs benefit Hart District schools.

We believe that CORPORATE SPONSORSHIPS are an investment in your future employees. There are many events throughout the year that give your business outstanding exposure and long-term return on your investment. To learn about opportunities for funding in our schools and our most important Grant Program, which needs your support, please visit www.WiSHscv.org or contact Executive Director Amy Daniels at WiSH@hartdistrict.org.